Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Make no mistake. I disdain spoon-fed politics in a deep and abiding way. I generally don't watch any of the talking head shows because I think they are bullshit. The Colbert Report is more my speed. I read lots of news, I do a fair amount of my own research. I have my own opinions. This also means I cannot tolerate Fox News. My God. Be partisan. That's fine. Please don't treat me like I am the stupid.

In light of that plea, I hereby nominate Chris Wallace for my Pseudo-Journalist Who Evidently Thinks I am Stupid of the Year Award. I do this for his interview with Bill Clinton on Sunday. You can see the complete interview as part one, part two, and part three. Now, Clinton agreed to talk about "anything" so I don't agree with those people who say that Clinton got "sandbagged." However, I do think that Chris Wallace needs to search in his soul for even saying that Fox News is as hard on Republicans as it is on Democrats. This is what I mean about Wallace evidently thinking I am stupid. He absolutely tried to catch Clinton out with a very, very detailed question. I can say from having watched our current President's speeches that I am very confident that the question, which takes well over a minute with several subparts, would have absolutely flummoxed the current President. Clinton, on the other hand, smashed the question. Whether you think he did enough against bin Laden or not, it is undeniable fact that Clinton whipped Wallace with his own question. It was a very good, powerful performance.

By the way, while I generally think that this administration has politicized 9/11 and been a discredit to the concept of a "war administration," I think that this commentary by Keith Olbermann is overwrought and overlong. He is correct that Chris Wallace is a schmuck, but he just goes on and on. Jeez Keith, ten and a half minutes? I think you could have made your point in three without losing any major points. Of course, Olbermann's piece was prominently labeled "Special Commentary." No pretending it was fair and balanced.


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