Monday, October 23, 2006


Today the New York Daily News reported that the super-genius running against Hillary Clinton for Senator said, in front of a reporter, that Hillary used to be ugly, but that now that she has had "millions" of dollars worth of "work" she looks "good." He also said that he doesn't understand why Bill Clinton married her back in 1975. The super-genius denies saying it. The reporter stands by his reporting. The Daily News is a rag that is loving every second of it. Don't expect the Daily News to let this story go any time soon.

Personally, I think (a) the super-genius probably doesn't have to worry about getting votes from many women now, and (b) he's pretty harsh. I mean, it was the 1970s. Sure Hillary looked like this back then, and looks like this now, but so did everyone else. I mean, look at David Bowie, then and now. How about Sean Connery then (Sean, what the hell, dude?) and now. Compared to either the 1970s Bowie or Connery pics, Hillary looked great in what can only be described as an unattractive era. To single Hillary out for looking goofy in the 1970s is just harsh.

By the way, if I could find a picture of myself in my favorite wide-collared synthetic button up shirt with little puppy dogs, I would sooo post it here. That shirt was sweeeeet. It was synthetic, so it always had static cling, and the collars were wide enough that a stiff wind could have carried me away. Thankfully my bell bottoms cut the aerodynamics and helped keep me on the ground.


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