Friday, November 03, 2006


The Sun-Times carried a story from Bellevue, Washington about a woman "surprised" by the birth of her seven pound child. I assumed that they meant that the child arrived prior to the calculated "due" date. Oh no. She went into the hospital for "sharp stomach pain." Her seven pound child was delivered by cesaerian. I guess I call either "bullshit" or "uh-oh."

Now, the lady says that she "didn't experience typical pregnancy symptoms, like a missed menstruation, morning sickness, fatigue or food cravings." What? I understand that morning sickness, fatigue, and food cravings can all be variable. L has not had morning sickness, and has not really had food cravings, as such (oh, yes. L is almost 18 weeks pregnant. I guess I didn't tell you yet. Well, there it is.). However, the little high school health class I recollect makes me suspect that you *must* miss menstruation during the pregnancy process. Hormones and all that.

Seems to me like there is something more to this story. If I were the Washington State Department of Health and Social Services I might keep an eye on this lady.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine her husband's surprise!

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