Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today I was standing outside. It was pretty cold, but not crazy, and not icy at all, since it had not been wet in days. A car was waiting to turn left. A bike messenger was approaching the car from the opposite direction. The car pulled forward about a quarter of an inch (maybe a tad more). The bike messenger had *just* touched his brakes, when his bike inexplicably shot out from under him, shooting a good foot to the right as his body fell straight down. He was at least fifteen feet from the car. The people in the car just stared at him, then turned and drove away. He got up, flipped them off, and toughly took his time getting back on his bike.

What was really great was that he was not really very close to the car at all. It was not a life-saving fall. His bike just slipped out from under him. It was like he slipped on ice, but there was no ice.


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