Saturday, February 18, 2006


Last week Rush Limbaugh got himself all bollixed up when he assumed that a man named Sherrod Brown was a black man. It turns out that United States Representative Sherrod Brown is . . . white. As funny as I find this, I have had this very issue. Apparently so has Bill Simmons, also known as the Sports Guy on, although I can’t find the article anymore.

In any case, here is my top five people who I thought were a race different from what they turned out to be:

(1) Khalil Greene, shortstop, San Diego Padres. Khalil Greene is white? No, he’s white and blond, and looks like a surfer boy in California. Turns out he’s also a Bahai, and the name is related to his religion. Who knew?

(2) Troy O’Leary, right fielder, no team. The archetypical Irish kid, Troy O’Leary is black. The fact that he played in Boston, home of the Celtics, made it seem even more sure that he was white.

(3) Sherrod Brown, Congressman. I had not heard of him before Limbaugh’s faux pas, but jeez, I can see why the error was made.

(4) Nene, forward/center, Denver Nuggets. He’s a black Brazilian man. I was thinking the first time I heard his name that “he” was a “she” in the mould of fellow Brazilian Xuxa, or Columbian Shakira. He ain’t.

(5) Major Applewhite, quarterback, New England Patriots. I thought he was black. I saw his picture and saw a middle aged looking white man and assumed they had the wrong picture. He even has a receding hair line.

Please keep in mind that Tracy McGrady did not make the list because I always knew that T-Mac was black. Others fall into this category. Those above are the people who genuinely made me say "who the hell is that guy?" Feel free to add your own in the comments.


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