Monday, February 20, 2006


On Sunday the New York Times did a piece about the clothes and hats etc. that Pope Benedict has chosen so far during his pontificate. It was pretty interesting in that it pointed out that Benedict is a big fan of St. Augustine, and wears all kinds of stuff with sea shells (a traditional symbol of Augustine, apparently) and similar nifty stuff.

In the piece they mention that the author has a blog and is a reporter for a Catholic newspaper in the United States. I checked it out and will have to see over time if I really care about the Church gossip enough to keep it in my web clips. However, it gets a boost today, when, at the very end of this very long and very interesting post, the author points out that if Archbishop Forte (about whom the post is) were to be elected Pope after Benedict, John Paul the Great would have appointed 113 of the 115 men who elected his successor, and neither of the his two immediate successors would be people he chose.

What are the odds of that? I mean, a lot would have to happen, including Forte becoming a Cardinal, Benedict passing away, and Forte being elected to replace him, only the second of which is a true certainty. Still, if Benedict has an unexpectedly long pontificate, it is very possible that none of John Paul the Great's Cardinals will ever be Pope.


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