Thursday, November 03, 2005


I am slipping away from the media. I am reading too many blogs, and just skimming the news. I discovered podcasts yesterday and listened to a bunch of news and ESPN via podcast.

Now I am exploring the world of podcasts. They are not unlike blogs in their unedited content, but it takes longer to decide that you are not digging someone. For instance, I am listening to Barefoot Radio right now. I can't decide whether the hosts are Beavis & Butthead or not. Towit:

Guest: So, you're back from Italy . . . and you still have some, what do they use, Lire?
Barefoot1: Um no. Actually, they converted from the Lire to the Arrow, er, Euro, which is an interesting story because it basically doubled the expense of living, but it didn't double the wages.
Barefoot2: That sucks.
Barefoot1: It does. Are you there?
Guest: Yeah, I'm here.
Barefoot1: *chuckle* Uh, it was a neat neat thing. We were having a lot of conversations about that actually. A lot of people are bummed out because their going broke quickly. Especially poor people. It's bad for poor people. But uh . . .
Guest: Did you speak to a lot of poor people while you were there?
Barefoot1: Oh my God. Half the town is poor. Yeah.
*all three chuckle*

Barefoot Radio 33, 28:15-28:58

So, good insight about the inflation the switch to the Euro has caused. On the other hand, talking about your trip to Italy in an interview is sort of bad form. Also, "it was a neat neat thing" and "people are bummed" both speak to a weak vocabulary. Sort of a wash, but I'll give these guys a couple of episodes and let you know.

ADDENDUM: Well, they only got one episode. Barefoot1 had never heard the term "Axis of Evil." Barefoot2 wasn't sure what countries were in the Axis of Evil. Syria and Afghanistan kept replacing North Korea. In any case, while I have no problem with Bush bashing, I do demand a certain amount of knowledge from people who do it. Just brutal.


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