Friday, October 28, 2005


The White Sox swept the hated Astros. That is good. I do not like a bunch of the Astros, or their silly park, or that ridiculous Killer B routine. That being said, it looks as if Father Andrew Greeley has captured my feelings quite well. Some key quotes include:

"But I've never hated the Sox. I rejoice that they swept the "World" series and beat up on the hated Astros. Mind you, I'm not likely to purchase a black and white cap or T-shirt or windbreaker. I was not glued to the TV for every game."

"My only regret is that the Sox did not get a chance to destroy the even more hated New Yorkers."

"My genuine, if controlled, enthusiasm for the Pale Hose is restrained by the behavior of White Sox fans, an intolerable bunch of human beings when baseball is the subject (who beat up on wives of opposing players). They experience joy only on those days when their team wins and the Cubs lose. We Cubs fans, however, celebrate only when the Cubs win. We don't care what happens to the Sox, except when we're playing them."

Yes, yes, and yes. I think this is all right on. Especially the part about Sox fans getting extra joy when the Cubs lose. However, Greeley, unlike me, has a working hypothesis for why this is true. I should note here that I am only 1/4 Irish, but 1/2 German (with and 1/8 each of Lithuanian and French Canadian). Thus, I am more culturally a North Side German than Irish in any way. Hell, L and I even attend a historically German parish, passing one other German parish and two Irish parishes to get there. Anyhoo, that is a long way of saying I take no responsibility for the next Greeley quote, except to say that I laughed my ass off when I read it.

"Why the difference between Cubs fans and Sox fans? As a working hypothesis I attribute the difference to the fact that the South Side Irish feel culturally inferior, perhaps because of the endless ridicule they must endure from the patently cultural superior West Side Irish and the North Side Irish (such as these latter might be). Or perhaps it is fading memory of the smell from the Stock Yards.

In fact, the sense of inferiority among the South Side Irish is understandable because they have much to feel inferior about (Sorry, Mr. Mayor!)."


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