Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Dresden is one of the cities that L and went to on our honeymoon. We started in Freiburg (Breisgau), where we met. We then went to Dresden, Goettingen, and Aachen before heading home. Each place was cool in its own way, and Freiburg will always be a special city for us. However, Dresden knocked our socks off. It is, of course, all rebuilt, since it was firebombed in World War II. Nevertheless, the city was beautiful.

While we were there the government was trying to restore the Frauenkirche. That was three years ago, and the church was just reconsecrated last weekend. ZDF has a fantastic tour of the restored church. The narrative is all in German, but the pictures are worth it (unless you speak German. Then the narrative is interesting too.) Make sure to look at the view from across the Elbe. The Hofkirche, Semper, and the rest of the Terrace of Europe is on full display. Choose your modem speed (ISDN or DSL). "Die Kirche" means the church. "Die Geschichte" means the history. "Die Menschen" means the people. Then choose whether you want a Quicktime movie or a Java applet.

Very cool. Thanks to L for sending it to me.


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