Friday, October 28, 2005


A colleague sent me this song. Oddly, I was unaware of the song, but I do know that it rocks. Except for the last line, which should have either "Twins" or "Indians" inserted where it says Cubs. By the way, I have absolutely no idea the tune to which this should be sung.

South Side Irish
Written by
Black, McEldowney & Walsh

We're the Windy City Irish-where the good times are the
always best
Where every day is Paddy's Day and everyone's a guest
If you're Irish on the North Side or Irish on the West
Welcome to the South Side come join the Irish Fest!

Chorus: We're the South Side Irish as our fathers were before
We come from the Windy City and we're Irish to the core
From Bridgeport to Beverly from Midway to South Shore
We're the South Side Irish-Let's sing it out once more!

Our parents came from Mayo, from Cork and Donegal.
We come from Sabina, St. Kilian's and St. Gall
St. Leo, Visitation, Little Flower and the rest.
The South Side parishes are mighty-they're the best!

We live on the South Side-Mayor Daley lived here too
The Greatest Irish Leader that Chicago ever knew
and he was always so proud of his South Side Irish roots!
So here's to His Honor to his memory we'll be true.

We sing the songs our fathers sang when they were growing up
Rebel songs of Erin's Isle in the South Side Irish Pubs
and when it comes to baseball-we have two favorite clubs
The Go-Go White Sox... and whoever plays the Cubs!

Addendum. The song can be found here. I think most of the South Side Irish I have ever known would kick these guys asses and take their wallets, but then again, they would have done that to most people.


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