Monday, November 07, 2005


So, France is burning. Underclasses around the world tend to snap every so often, and God knows the French are no exception. This time it is a little different than 1789, since there is a racial/religious element to the underclass. Frankly, c'est la vie, as our French cousins would say. I am not spending blog space talking about al Queda in France, or any of those big issues. Plenty of bandwidth will be burned elsewhere on those topics.

The funnier thing is that the United States, Russia, and other countries have "advised their citizens to . . . stay away from violence-hit areas." Now, if I am recollecting properly where in Paris this is happening, the only way a tourist will end up in these suburbs is if they fall asleep on a train. Nobody is leading a tourist group to the projects in St. Denis. Ever.


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