Monday, October 10, 2005


Many of you of a certain age will remember that the first woman you were ever unhealthly attracted to was a girl who called herself "Madonna." I understand that Madonna is her given name. Nevertheless, it unlikely that when we thought of this Madonna, this Madonna, or this Madonna, we ever thought of this Madonna (I love the stoner on the left). Thus, Catholics have some experience with being uncomfortable with Madonna's interactions with the symbols of their faith.

As luck would have it, Madonna (relatively) recently joined Sammy Davis, Jr. on the celebrity converts to Judaism rolls. Now comes word that Madonna's use of the names and symbols of the Kabbalah school of mystic Judaism. Turns out that she appropriated symbols normally only used by men in a video, inappropriately wrote God's name in the same video, and now has done a song about the founder of Kabbalah. "'This kind of woman wreaks an enormous sin upon the Kabbalah,' said Rabbi Yisrael Deri, caretaker of Luria's tomb."

Welcome to the club.


Anonymous Pat said...

It's true: I first snuck a peak at the singer Madonna's amazing bare breasts in my dad's copy of Esquire at age 10 or so, and that was quite an experience. But growing up Catholic, the juxtaposition of Madonna with The Madonna (a paragon of sinless womanly virtue) was some ill shit. Then again, Madonna grew up Italian, so this confusion is all her intention. That is just plain fucked up.

9:52 AM  

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