Sunday, October 02, 2005


Last week I was sitting at my desk on a conference call. I was holding my phone to my left ear. I dropped a pen immediately to the right of my chair. As I reached over the arm of my chair down for the pen, my chair shot out from under me. The chair turned completely horizontal and I landed with a thud behind my desk.

I sat there for a moment stunned.

The conference call continued as if nobody heard me topple out of my chair. In fact, I answered a question resting on my side, phone still at my ear.

As luck would have it, the pen was right in front of my face. I picked it up and put it on top of my desk. I crawled up, staying on the call the entire time. As I put my chair back up I noticed that about a three inch divot had been cut out of my wall where my chair's wheels slammed into it.

The chair is fine, as am I. Could you imagine having done something like having broken my wrist and having to explain that? I think I would have just set it with Scotch tape and a mechanical pencil and waited to heal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're not trying to make fun of my "accident" back in July are you?


10:38 PM  
Blogger David said...

No, and with this sort of incident to my "credit" I would be hard-pressed to.

8:22 AM  

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