Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Did you know that when you run the blogger spell check on your blog, the word "blog" is flagged for correction to "bloc"? That is too funny.

Anyway, one of my favorite blogs is going into a strange new realm. Rob at Clublife just announced he got a book deal. He will write a book from the bouncer's perpsective on, presumably, club life in New York. Rob's blog was very good, and I enjoyed it very much. However, as I posted recently, he had sort of seemed to lose his fastball. Now it is clear why. By the way, it appears to me that Rob's blog was added to the list of read blogs on Waiter Rant, leading that blog's tremendous readership (and a few first timers like me) to click over and like what they saw. Crazy.

My buddy K just turned me on to the Anonymous Lawyer. I read some of this guy's posts and thought they were funny in that "nastiest lawyer stories you've ever read" sort of way. His post for Monday (he's in LA) was

"You may have heard we had a brief power outage this afternoon. I used the time to delete from my Blackberry the e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers of all of the associates who have left the firm since I last updated my Blackberry. Who needs their contact information? They're dead to me.

I can't understand the e-mails that are streaming in from associates asking for extensions on some assignments they're supposed to turn in by the end of the day. The power was only out for an hour. They could have found a generator.

I called Anonymous Wife when the power came back on here to see if anything had happened to the house while the power was out. I wanted to make sure there were no looters or anything like that. There weren't."

That's funny. That's the lawyer every lawyer (I hope) prays not to be. However, I sent this on to M at work, who promptly informed me that the guy was not anonymous anymore, and . . . had a book deal.

I used to read a blog alleged to be written by a prostitute (ahem, escort) in London. It was often very interesting because of the perspective she brought and the funny stories that she had. She went off the air when she got . . . wait for it . . . not yet . . . a book deal.

So here is my question. Is it good for the creative/reading world that people with writing talent and interesting stories are getting scooped up and provided with professional guidance to be even more entertaining for profit? In the alternative, is it a net loss for all of us when these authentic, no holds barred (especially with that hooker, er escort) people with interesting niche experiences stop sharing their creativity with the Internet-accessible world and instead write books that are unlikely to sell well, or be much remembered? I'm not sure.


Anonymous Matt said...

Dave: In answer to your question, it would be best for the general amusement and enlightenment of society if you were both to become a prostitute and publish a book. Not only could you refine your literary skills but you'd have no need for a generator if the power went out in the middle of a "project."

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Pat said...

Sorry dude, but that's how the market works. Each day I work for a company devoted to taking the greatest news writing out there and convincing people to pay for it. I'd say it's definitely better, because no matter how self-important we bloggers consider our shit, ultimately there are a hell of a lot more people reading books than reading blogs. So consider the book-writers to be doing society a favor by bringing this cool blog stuff to the masses.

By the way, I didn't know you live in Chicago. Good shit.

10:23 PM  
Blogger David said...

Matt and Pat,
You could both be right. So many people are putting out good stuff in blogland and I for one find it exceeding unlikely that I would buy a book of Rob's (for instance) stories. That is a loss for me, but it is fantastic for him.

I guess the other option for any of these authors/bloggers is they could go the Mil Milington route and publish books, maintain a web page, and send out hilarious newsletters.

Well, I hope that Rob in particular is able to do some of the things he wants to do because of this opportunity. He seems like a rock solid guy--the sort you root for.

10:41 PM  

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