Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, I have started tweeting, and I kind of enjoy the poetry inherent in my tweets. I also found several people that I am following. That being said, I am still not sure why people are so enthusiastic about Twitter.

As a general matter, the people I follow mostly just tell me when they have posted something on the Internet. Kind of the reverse of this post. That's fine, but isn't that just an RSS feed? If that is all you use Twitter for isn't Google Reader a more effective, efficient way to do this?

So, while I do enjoy my own tweets, they are utterly pointless, which may not be any worse than most tweets I see. You can follow me @DavidAnvil.

Monday, September 27, 2010


The New York Times reported that Leonard Skinner died in Florida. He was 77, and a former high school gym teacher who did not appreciate long hair on boys. He taught at Robert E. Lee high school, by the way. The North won the civil war, right? Anyway, some of those boys would eventually immortalize Mr. Skinner as Lynryd Skynyrd. I am not a big Southern Rock guy, but that's cool.

Here's hoping someone played Freebird for him at the funeral.