Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Lawrel

Today I got to go past the Lawrel at Lawrence and Elston. There's a picture on the foto blog.

Since I posted about this naming convention I have had suggestions pouring in. I guess what interests me is where the name is derived from the streets, but that is not painfully obvious. The Belford rocks because of the history. The Lawrel and Elmont are cool. Golf Mill shopping center at Golf and Milwaukee is clever. I guess for some reason Dev-Ridge at Devon and Ridge is not. I guess I know it when I see it.

UPDATE: I got a pic of the Norford "hotel" at . . . North and Pulaski. Very niiiice. On also got a pic of the Brynford Bible Church at Bryn Mawr and Pulaski. The best part of this is that Crawford became Pulaski sometime between 1933 and 1952 (there was a lot of litigation that ended in 1952), and this church was almost certainly built after 1952.

Update 2: Douney's Har-Hig Sports Bar at . . . Harlem and Higgins. Maybe the worst name yet.


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