Friday, April 23, 2010


Facebook is an interesting animal. I have been on for a while, and feel like I "get" how it works. A few realities: the two biggest groups of "friends" I have are family and high school friends. The third largest group is grade school friends. This is not a "normal" distribution of my friends and relations.

It turns out that even with regard to the school friends the people I am Facebook "close" to are not the people I was close to in school. That means we have all grown and evolved (I expect my appendix to disappear at any moment). Anyway, at first I regretted not having paid attention to these cool people back then. Eventually I came to realize that when we were 12 or 17 we would not have had these interactions. Still interesting though.

With regard to my family, I think Facebook has exponentially increased our communication. For good or ill. And it is not always clear which it is . . .

On balance, I have used the "hide" function to avoid more people, and now realize that some of my relatives are insane. With that in mind, Facebook has generally been positive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See? There's a reason to keep the blog. Some thoughts are worth expressing but maybe not on Facebook, where the subjects of those opinions might read the wrong intentions. At the same time, you don't want assorted nitwits like your business partners and emplyees invading the semi-privacy of your Facebook relationships. Keeping the blog (which has been admittedly sparse of late) permits those of us in the vast second grouping to continue to benefit from the Thoughts of David, while preventing us from sabotaging your carefully rehabilitated childhood relationships.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Celebrate the Malleable Reality said...

I love Facebook personally. However, I did have to "ignore" my mom's friend request. I am just not opening that door.

2:00 PM  

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