Friday, September 25, 2009


I was out of town on bidness at the end of the week. While seeking entertainment during my down time, I decided to check hulu out (again). In the past I was not very impressed with it. This time it took. Oh, did it take. I watched about half a season of New Amsterdam, as well as the Season Five premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It was . . . awesome. I am hooked, and strongly recommend that you become hooked ASAP.

The New York Times did an article about a building in the Bronx that has a relatively large concentration of immigrants from Bhutan. Two surprising things: (1) these immigrants are all from Bhutan, but of Nepalese origin, and (2) they don't hang out with the Indian community. I was unaware of the substantial Nepalese population in southern Bhutan. Now I know. Since Nepal borders India and is majprity Hindu, it seems like Nepalese would have a certain affinity with the Indian community in New York.

Today Lou Pinella said, while discussing the need for another hitter, "I don't care if he bats between his legs, how's that?" That's scary, Lou. Scary.


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