Monday, October 18, 2010

Things I Think I Think

I was just watching the Yankees and Rangers. In the top of the 9th inning the Rangers played death by a thousand cuts. I think they hit one ball hard, but scored four runs. A few things. First, is there some reason that ARod did not dive for Nelson Cruz's single in the ninth? Because keeping that ball in the infield would have kept the runner on second. Why didn't Jeter try to knock Molina's ball down? I think it would have been nice to see some Yankees get their uniforms dirty.

I am watching two new Paranormal States from Sunday. The thing they understand on this show is that the viewing audience does not want skeptical investigation that neither proves nor disproves the paranormal. That is Ghost Hunters. A fine show, but at some point you want to see something happen. Paranormal State starts with mediums and psychics. These are people with a vested interest in . . . paranormality. See, we're off on the right track already. The "sensitive" just said she thinks we might be dealing with a goblin. A goblin? That's awesome. I think the entertainment value of actually having ghosts on ghost shows is tremendous.

Finally, I think that it would be very funny that one of the candidates for governor in Illinois just said that as governor he would veto a bill that HE SPONSORED if the alternative were any better. The bill in question allowed veterinarians to euthanize multiple animals simultaneously. I HATE being stuck killing cats one at a time! To bad Pat Quinn is an assclown as well.

And that's what I think I think.


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Oh that made me laugh!

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