Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Tunnels Below Our Feet

Here's another obsession. There are secrets below us. Secret tunnels. Well, not usually "secret" but unknown to most of us. In Chicago we all know about the old small gauge rail network that was used to deliver coal and the like to buildings. We know about this from the Great Chicago Flood of 1992. It is not open to the public, but it is a pretty cool thing.

Apparently in New York there may (or may not) be some very, very cool tunnels. Apparently there are (or are not) cow tunnels under parts of Manhattan. They were (or were not) used to move live cows from the Hudson to slaughterhouses without interfering with traffic. The problem is that nobody is really positive if they are there. Perhaps more information on this later. But it is pretty cool.

By the way, National Geographic has a very cool graphic and media cross-sectioning a street in New York (without cow tunnels).


Blogger Ms. Givens said...

If I lived in one of those big cities I would be obsessed with seeing these tunnels. I read a fiction novel called "The Relic" and it referred to the ones in NY.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Copper said...

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