Thursday, June 12, 2008


Alfonso Soriano got his hand broken last night and will be out six weeks. Soriano is the Cubs' lead-off hitter. He is hitting .283, with 15 homers this year. However, as the lead-off man, it is his responsibility to be on base when DLee and Ramirez come up. Soriano's OBP is .332. That's not so good. His replacement at lead-off is Ryan Theriot. He only has one homer, but his OBP is .400. That's very good. We'll see if the Cub offense suffers from Soriano's absence.

R. Kelly's trial is going to closing arguments. No matter what happens, he will never ever, ever, ever live down Dave Chapelle's send up of his career.

Wisconsin Dells, which I guess is something like some cheesey beach town on the Jersey shore for East Coasters, has an issue, maybe. See, this article shows that Lake Delton burst its banks and drained into a river. The lake was man-made and drained, wiping out houses and leaving lakefront property and resorts high and dry. The picture shows that the lake is no more, and maybe, maybe knee high. This is also how the story is being reported in the Chicago press. However, the official Dells web page says:
Although the waters of Lake Delton have temporarily receded, Wisconsin Dells is still ready for the summer season . . . We’re certainly looking forward to Lake Delton refilling, but the fact remains that with the exception of no water in the lake, the area has not been affected. Most lakeside resorts, condos and cottages offer swimming pools as well as access to many attractions and water activities in Wisconsin Dells.
Temporarily receded? Sure. In the long term, I guess that is fair. Still, if you are going to the Dells this weekend, it does not seem as if the lake will be there, so beware.


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