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I have always been very critical of the show Sex in the City. I know. It's easy to do. I always thought that people who argued that it was a satire gave the actors too much credit, and if it was not a satire, the characters were repugnant. Now that they have made a movie, the idiots who act on the show are back in the publicity machine. Dammit!

Anyway, the New York Times Sunday magazine has a weekly feature called Questions For. It is a single page condensation of an interview with an (allegedly) interesting person. This week's is with Cynthia Nixon, who played . . . one of the trixies on Sex in the City. Look at the interview, since there are answers throughout that boggle the mind. However, here are my favorites:

NYT: A few years ago, you moved in with a woman, after leaving the father of your children. Do you find it easier living with a woman than a man because you have more in common?

CN: I think you do have more in common.

WAYLA: It may be easier to live with a woman because you have more in common, but in this case, being a lesbian living with your partner might make it easier too, right?

NYT: You can use the same bathroom in movie theaters, for instance. That’s absolutely true! Can you share clothes?

CN: No. Christine doesn’t wear women’s clothes; she only wears men’s clothes. She won’t even wear any kind of women’s shoes. I bought her a pair of cowboy boots that were from the women’s department, and she was like, “Don’t do this again.”

WAYLA: This is foreshadowing for two questions hence. Don't forget it.

NYT: Does she watch sports on TV?

CN: She does. We don’t have a TV. But when there was a World Cup, we went to the local Ruby Foo’s and watched it. And we actually did watch the Super Bowl as well. She tried to explain it to me.

WAYLA: More foreshadowing. Can you wait for it?

NYT: Do you think of her as the male figure in the relationship?

CN: No, I don’t at all. Look at what’s happening now. She’s at home with the kids, and I’m the one out pounding the pavement. . . . She’s for Hillary, and I’m for Obama.

WAYLA: So, there were a lot of good available answers here. Not the worst answer would have been that "male" and "female" roles are irrelevant and that they are a partnership. But no. Cynthia Nixon talks about how her partner only wears clothes for men, and watches sports on TV, but then implies that maybe she is the "male" since she's working outside the home and voted for Obama. So, that's two "males" in each of their columns. Is the tie breaker their actual sexual behavior? Is there a point to this? Insofar as they are both women, who cares who's "the male?"

These were asked in a row. Granted, the interview is condensed, so a thousand words per question could have been cut out. Still, it is almost painful to read. Here's hoping that movie is a flop and all of the Sex in the City women go back to being very successful actresses outside of the media machine. Please.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think this is a lesbian thing at all. It looks to me that she left one guy for another guy. Her partner has got to be thrilled that (s)he gets to stay home with the kids while the PITA is out making a living. And I don't doubt for a second that they have a nanny or some other domestic help while (s)he is pumping iron(?) at the gym and having a few pops at the local with the "guys". There is no doubt that Nixon is the wife in this relationship. Its just a matter of time before she stops giving head to her new husband and gets pissed because the (s)he-male sits home all day watching ESPN and doesn't do a damned thing to contribute to the household.

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