Monday, November 06, 2006


I am reading a book by the author Henning Mankell. He is a Swede, and writes mystery books. I read one when L and I were in Germany for our honeymoon, but that one was German. I guess I did not notice what I am about to say, perhaps because I was reading in German.

The book is set in southern Sweden. Swedish names/words include (but are not limited to) Hansson, Martinsson, Högland, Björklund, Åkeson, Styrbordsgången, Forsfält, Elkholm, Smedstorp. As I was reading, I kept getting the urge to buy inexpensive home furnishings. And maybe wooden toys. And possibly a nice kitchen. Why? I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I realized. It’s like reading the IKEA catalog. In fact, look at this version of the IKEA catalog, which is even more like my book. I have enjoyed both Mankell books I've read, but I keep wondering if the Björklund comes in white, and how many pieces there are in the Styrbordsgången. Is the Forsfält on sale, or only the Högland?

Damn you IKEA!


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