Sunday, August 13, 2006


There was really only one thing in today's paper that I was really into. In the New York Report they had an article about Staten Island. The reporter walked the perimeter of the island over just under a week. The article is very interesting, and there is also a video available.

Apparently Staten Island is kind of a freak show of a place, with a self-declared monarch, wild dogs roaming the island, a house full of poets and crazy people 45 minutes from Wall Street, and other odd people. Very interesting. Makes me want to visit Staten Island.


Anonymous Pat said...

Dude, do not visit Staten Island. I lived there for three months my first summer out of college. It was in the basement of a house with this communist family, and we fucking hated each other. Also it was in the ghetto: Wu-Tang Clan grew up just down the road. Re-reading this I make it sound like some sort of hilarious adventure, but in all seriousness, it SUCKED. I guess taking the ferry to work was kinda cool, but utterly not worth it otherwise.

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