Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Three articles from our English-speaking cousins around the world caught my eye today. By the way, I am not including in this definition of "cousin" those places where English is widely spoken as a second, or third, or fourth language, but rather, those countries in which English is used in the courts, government, and other "official" uses. If I included every country with English-speaking people in it as "cousins" we'd be inbreeding like a family reunion in the state of you like to mock most for alleged inbreeding.

The Australians have apparently decided to translate the bible into Oz slang. You know, in case the Aussies lose the ability to read English. Apparently the second volume was released at a "sausage sizzle," which sounds like something that might have happened at the Gay Games, but is apparently Australian for a BBQ. A few select quotes from the article:
Mary was "a pretty special sheila."

Jesus was "God's toddler"

The Three Wise Men were "eggheads from out east."

It scares me a little that the hundreds-of-years-old King James translation is easier to understand than a contemporary Australian version.

The Christian Science Monitor had an article today about the Crinan Canal. The canal basically cuts through the sort of peninsula that you would not notice on a map. One wonders why it was dug. Whatever the original rationale, the canal is apparently now populated by eccentrics and other people itching to interact. Unlike the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal, or the Kiel Canal, boats move so slowly through this canal that boaters and locals apparently chat as the boats move through the canal. It sounds like one of the best eight hours you can spend on a boat.

Finally, the BBC reports on a part of Italy that has been overwhelmed by Scots. Interestingly it appears that the Scots have adopted Italian food in Italy, rather than transplanting Scots food. Probably a very wise decision.


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