Saturday, July 29, 2006


RE: Your blog ....

I've never heard of ellipses before.... but now I know I love them.... use them all day long.... never really have a complete thought... periods make things so final.... I like to keep things going....

I feel so much better about the bridge.... thank you for the explanation.... it really scared me.... how come you never put me in your blog... [L] put me in her blog the other day! Oh... I do like exclamation points!

Oh no... Dusty just got booted... wish I could see them.... wish I wasn't in a little gray box!

What would you do if you received an e-mail like the above? Would you cave and post an entry about the person, or would you ignore them and hope they forgot you in a flurry of ellipses? Me, I caved.

The e-mail writer, L's sister M, was one of the most recent people to threaten me with a knife. I was down in Boogey with L's family. It was dinner time, which is chaotic out of all proportion at the family home. Everyone runs around like crazy, but there are just not that many people. I have always just gone to my designated seat and waited for the chaos to subside. However, this one time that was (apparently) not good enough.

M was on drinks duty. She was polling the table for drink orders. I was not paying sufficient attention. Suddenly M yelped my name, pointed a butcher knife at me, and asked very threateningly, "what kind of drink do you want?" I was scared and felt threatened. I had iced tea, which I hate. It was a survival mechanism. To this day she claims that the knife was for cutting lemons, but frankly I know a Jason knife when I see it.

And now M has been in my blog.


Anonymous annie said...

agreed, ice tea sucks

5:02 AM  

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