Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Today at lunch former Illinois governor George Ryan was sitting about 10 feet from us. His corruption trial is over, and the (second) jury has been deliberating for over a week. I was surprised to see him out and about in the Loop. The back room of a steak house isn't exactly going out Capone style, but I was surprised.

Two different times his mobile phone rang and mid-entree he answered it. I wondered each time how his heart must leap when his mobile phone rings. If it is the lawyer calling to say that the jury is back, the moment of truth will stop being theoretical. Imagine standing in a court room waiting to hear whether you are a convicted felon or not.

Of course, I was thinking those sympathetic thoughts, but I also thought it would have been funny to go ask him if he could get me a commercial truck license.

UPDATE: Crain's Chicago Business is reporting that Ryan and his lawyers met with the judge in the case this morning. Big, secret pow wow. Then steaks.


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