Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Today when I got off the el at Merchandise Mart to switch to the Purple train, they announced that the Brown and Purple trains were delayed. I had my camera with me, so I decided to walk towards the office and take pictures. I figured that if I wanted I could just jump in a cab whenever I wanted. Some of the pictures are waylafoto.

I walked east to Dearborn and was crossing the bridge there. The Dearborn bridge and bridge houses are my least favorite in the loop, but I wanted a picture of Marina City, as well as the old Courthouse, so Dearborn it was. As I crossed the bridge I noticed a sign on the northeast of the bridge. I crossed over to see the sign below.

It says that the first moveable bridge in Chicago was built at Dearborn in 1834, but ordered removed in 1839 because the opening was too narrow. It also said that the current bridge is the fourth on the site since 1834. I did not know this.

I crossed the bridge and noticed another plaque on the southeast of the bridge.

This one says that the American Institute of Steel Construction voted the Dearborn Street Bridge the Most Beautiful Steel Bridge, Moveable Span for 1963-64. I was floored. I hate this bridge and its bridge houses. It lacks the grace that the curved arches on Orleans have, or the grandeur of Michigan Avenue.

Below is a picture of the Dearborn Avenue bridge for your consideration and evaluation.


Anonymous Pat said...

The N. Michigan Avenue bridge near the Tribune building is still my favorite.

9:58 AM  

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