Monday, March 20, 2006


That's right, Donald Rumsfeld (remember him?) has realigned United States troop deployments to remove all United States military personnel from Iceland. Unlike so many other countries, the Icelanders are upset about this. It turns out that they have absolutely no military forces other than the United States military.

There are just under 300,000 people in Iceland (making it between Tampa and the City of Buffalo in population terms), with about 57,000 of them being deemed "fit for military service" by the CIA. As an aside, I take no responsibility for the reliability of the CIA's calculation. In any case, Iceland's nearest neighbor is Greenland, which is actually essentially a Danish territoy. Thus, the Icelanders are caught in the iron grip of Denmark, since the Danes are on the east and west of the Bjorkies. In addition, the Icelanders have territorial disputes with Denmark about the extent of the territorial shelf of the Faroe Islands. That could explode at any moment.

Well, if unless they find oil, they can fight their own battles from now on!


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