Tuesday, April 04, 2006


These things don't deserve their own entries, but they are stories that need to be told.

This Class is a Hard Hat Area

The AP reports that a teacher in an adult education class tried to use a paperweight to kill a bug. The paperweight was a 40mm shell. Not a shell that a snail would live in, but a shell that explodes when you try to crush a bug with it. He lost part of his hand when the paperweight exploded.

Freudian Slip?

Fox News reported "Texas Republicans Hussle to Replace DeLay." I assume that the headline is supposed to be "Texas Republicans HUSTLE to Replace DeLay." However, I double checked dictionary.com to ensure that "hussle" was not another word or an alternative spelling. There does not appear to be a word "hussle," but the first suggestion was "hassle." That seems about right for Texas Republicans.

Come Back Alan Greenspan!

The Financial Times reported that the stock market of Iceland hit its lowest level in thirteen years today. There goes the value of my 401(k).

Karma and Stupidity Intersect

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that there has been a rash of over door stealing in northern Indiana lately. Apparently there has also been a rash of men selling "plasma televisions" out of their vehicles to people in places like parking lots. It turns out that a bunch of these "televisions" turn out to be stove doors when they are opened by their buyers. Since anyone who buys electronics out of a trunk in a parking lot knows, and believes, that they are buying stolen goods, it only seems fair that these people are being scammed.

Is It In You?

This is an older post on another blog, but it is really, really hilarious, and very, very clever. That being said, the joke is a little risque, so click over at your own risk.


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