Thursday, March 23, 2006


L and I both took a few days off of work this Wednesday through Friday. We are staying close to home, taking care of errands that loom over each of us, doing a Spring cleaning, and generally not being at work. It isn't so bad. You should try it some time.

Anyway, about a year ago a place opened on the northwest side of Chicago. It was called Pollo Campero, and the Central American communities in the city went nuts when they opened. Apparently they are very big in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and other parts of Latin America. People were lined up around the block for the stuff.

Today I finally went and tried the pollo. L and I got a couple of meals to go. Chicken, tostones (breaded, deep fried plantains), sweet plantains, and biscuits. I decided not try either of the flans, or the drinks (horchada, some tamarind thing, something made with some part of a cashew). Gotta leave something to try next time. So, how was it? The chicken is crazy good. Insane good. The tostones were OK, kind of salty, but kind of off. The sweet plantains were fine, but you should probably like plantains to have them. It seems that the beans are very famous, so I will try them next time.

I know of readers in Washington and in California. The Californians I am aware of are in NoCal. Sorry. The restaurants are in SoCal. For you DC types, you are in luck. The restaurants are in Adelphia and Wheaton, Maryland, Falls Church and Herndon, Viginia, and at 1375 Kenyon St, NW in DC. You really have to try the chicken. Really. I'm not kidding.


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