Saturday, November 29, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving in Western Michigan, specifically in Ludington. Not for the first time, we had a real small town moment in Ludington. Friday morning we stopped by McDonald's because L wanted a hash brown and a coffee. The drive thru line was huge, so I walked in. My mistake:

"Are you guys still serving breakfast?"

Little did I realize what an error that was. The answer was a chuckling "no" even though it was only 10:30. So, I walked back out to the car and asked what L wanted instead. She said just coffee, so I walked back in and ordered the coffee. At this point the McDonald's kid asks the manager what they have in the sandwich bin. She proceeds to list just about every sandwich they sell for breakfast. I say, "I just needed a hash brown." The manager comes back with three (!) of them, and tells the kid to charge me for one (which he fails to do).

So, it turns out that when McDonald's in Ludington is not serving breakfast, what they really mean is that they have all of the breakfast food for free.


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