Friday, November 14, 2008


So, the Cubs decided that they will not be able to sign Kerry Wood after he had a reasonably successful season last season. They got Florida's closer, and they keep Carlos Marmol. Obviously they are assuming that one of them will take Woody's job as closer, and they don't want to give Woody a long contract.

Apparently Woody and the Cub's brass have been all-class. That is as it should be. Special-K ws injured often, but like Jim McMahon before him, his injuries were serious, and he never used them as an excuse. He was no Mark Prior. Kid K played in the most postseasons for the Cubs since Stan Hack (1932-1947 in the majors). I am afraid I might have to root for Kerry even if . . . he signs with the Cardinals, or God forbid, the Astros. Well, the Astros might be tough.

So, thanks for everything Woody. Now when we wear our "we got Wood" shirts, it won't be a double entendre. Via con Dios, buddy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with the sappy sentimentality? The guy can go down in Cubs history as potential never realized for one reason or another. But to root for him if he becomes a Cardinal. Jesus dude, think about what you are writing. Snap out of it. Go ahead and make the Wood t-shirt a dusting rag and politely clap for him when he makes his first appearance against the Cubs. Then wait for him to lose the strike zone and groove a fastball to Aramis. Face it, the guy wasn't THAT good.

8:23 AM  
Blogger David said...

Have you no shame, sir (or ma'am)?

I like Woody. What can I say? When he grooves one to A-Ram I'm not going to give it back, but I like Woody.

1:24 PM  

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