Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Jay Mariotti, whose only mention on this blog was in 2005, where I called him "resident asshole Jay Mariotti" quit his job with the Sun-Times today. Jay put out a fair amount of crap about realizing during the Olympics that the internet is the future, and not wanting to be dragged down by the mainstream press model.

If this seemed like an idiotic revelation from someone who just signed a three year contract extension, perhaps it was. Deadspin (link above) is reporting that Mariotti quit because he was "disrespected." Seems that Jay wanted to write an article about Obama. However, it was Rick Telander's turn to be published, and Telander wrote this. It is stupid and crappy, but it is about Obama, at the exact same time that Jay wanted to write about Obama. And so Jay quit. Beautiful. He was a clown, and I will regret seeing him on, or some other page.

On a slightly lighter note, Fan IQ published a bunch of funny college football quotes. My favorite? "'They whipped us like a tied up goat.' - Spike Dykes, Texas Tech."


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