Wednesday, July 16, 2008


WGN Radio has a show called Extension 720. It is hosted by a man named Dr. Milt Rosenberg, who must be about 80 years old. He's been hosting the show since 1973, and in some of the older shows he was sharp. He isn't anymore. In his July 10 show he read that a group called Recreate '68 is threatening to protest at the Democratic National convention.

Rosenberg didn't understand the name though. Rather than RE create '68 (i.e. the transative verb meaning "to impart fresh life to; refresh mentally or physically") Milt pronounced it recrEate (i.e. the intransative verb meaning "to take recreation"). So, how did one recreate in 1968, and how would one recreate that recreation? Well, we could root for Denny McClain to win over 30 games, and for the Tigers to beat the Cardinals in the World Series. We could root for Arthur Ashe at the U.S. Open. I don't see why you would do that at the Democratic Convention in Denver, but hey, whatever.

Maybe it would be better for Milt to move to easier topics at this point.


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