Saturday, August 26, 2006


Friday M was in my office, waiting to go get some lunch. I was trying to get an e-mail out, se he looked out my window. It looked like there was some sort of environmental spill on the river. From what we could see, there was a boom, like the one's they use to clean up oil in water, and there was certainly a lot of boat activity in the area:

We went to the north end of the office to get a better look. Then it was becoming clear. Chicago has having a duck race on the river. A duck race! On the essentially currentless Chicago River. Unfortunately, but perhaps foreseeably, the ducks did not appear to be moving on their own. Thus, the fire department was using a fire boat to push the ducks along. Unfortunately, but perhaps foreseeably, the fire department stream effectively pushed the ducks to the two banks of the river:

When we finally left for lunch there was a Streets and San boat gathering ducks that had jumped the boom and throwing them back into the middle of the river. I assume the duck race has had a winner by now...


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