Friday, December 23, 2005


A man in Wisconsin (of course) pled no contest to "relations" with cattle. Apparently he used calves for "sexual gratification," and I don't mean in a Leg Tease sense. I mean in a veal sense. Think that's an awkward Christmas conversation?

So, Harold, how has your year been?

The took my Buttercup away from me!

Good then. Well, merry Christmas.

To be perfectly honest, the most disturbing think I've encountered in the last ten minutes has not been the fact that a Cheeser was buggering a cow. That's pretty disturbing. However, the fact that there is a web page selling used copies of porn magazines is something that never crossed my mind. Unless I am stunningly misinformed, we are not talking about a "collectible" magazine like old Playboys. For God's sake, what could be worse than a "used" Leg Tease, or a "used" Forty Plus, or a "used" Just Eighteen? I have to stop looking at the titles or I may wretch.

Merry Christmas.


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