Thursday, December 08, 2005


Tonight a Southwest Airlines 737 slid off of a runway at Midway Airport and ended up on the street. This story is still developing, and it appears that one or two cars were hit by the plane when it slid on to the street.

Now imagine this call:
Hello, thank you for calling Geico, how can I help you?

Yes, my car was in an accident and I need to make a claim.

Sure, please describe the event.

Well, I was at 55th and Central waiting for the light when an airplane sideswiped me.

I'm sorry, what kind of car hit you?

No, a plane. Boeing 737.



Good luck with that claim.

By the way, I joked with L that the Chicagoans on the plane were going to just get in cabs and leave when they got off the plane. It's how we are. L kind of laughed and said "yeah right." Sure enough, they told a story on the news about a woman from the neighborhood who called her husband after the plane stopped and asked her husband to come and get her. I think it must have been something like this:

Hey, it's me. Can you pick me up at the airport? We're at 55th and Central. You'll see us.

Uh, sure. At the terminal?

No. You'll see us. Come on, its gonna be cold out there. Just come by.


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