Sunday, December 04, 2005


This doesn't come up very often, but I have had a conversation several times in which I described to non-New Yorkers a way that I was once taken to LaGuardia Airport. We started in Midtown Manhattan and took a bridge over to Queens. We then drove under el tracks for the length of Manhattan. We came out at the foot of the Triboro Bridge, got on the expressway for a few hundred feet and were at LaGuardia very quickly.

I always thought I was on the 59th Street Bridge. Several times I was informed that there is no "59th Street Bridge." When I say, it is the bridge in Midtown, I am always politely told, "there's a tunnel..." Well, today the New York Times referenced the 59th Street Bridge. I was not surprised, but I still decided to track the issue down. It turns out that the 59th Street Bridge is also called the Queensboro Bridge. We may have taken 31st Street to 278 to the airport. So there.


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