Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Nobody comes out with more cool stuff than google. I will not argue about this. Apple is fine, but when I am at my desk, google can make me more productive and entertain me, all in under a second. I have just become aware of google video search. I fully appreciate that this could be God's gift to the porn consuming world. However, like so many things, it has a fugitive use too. You can actually find cool, non-porn, videos with it. Shocking.

I googled "baseball." Lots of videos came up, including this. Watch with the sound on.

I googled "mxc" and got this. If you are unfamiliar with the show, shame on you. You should be more culturally sensitive, like me. It is footage from 1980s Japanese game shows that is dubbed by a couple of U.S. comedians. It rocks.

Finally, in the bad taste category, "suicide bomber."

This could lead to weeks of fun and enjoyment.


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