Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I cannot say that I am overwhelmed with enthusiasm for the new King Kong movie that highbrow papers like the Christian Science Monitor are all (B+) geeked about. I mean, for God's sake, Kong doesn't even talk.

That being said, I just watched the 1976 version and I am in love with that movie. I mean Charles "Circle Gets the Square" Grodin trying to carry a lead role, Rene "I Was On Benson" Auberjonois as a major figure, and a cheeseball ape. I was shocked to learn that the movie was nominated for two Oscars. I mean, you'd have to see this thing to believe it. Really terrible. I expect that American Movie Classics (AMC) will show it a few dozen more times.

So, if I have anything to say about the new King Kong, I guess I would say this. I won't see it, but I thank it for sparking interest in the 1976 version. Truly a gift to us all.

By the way, King Kong (1976) is the first movie I remember seeing. I saw it with my Uncle E. I was five, and I have very spotty recollections of going to the movie.


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