Thursday, November 04, 2004


I think everyone knows someone who talks and talks and talks about politics and policy, but you know would never run for office. They don't want the loss of privacy, etc. etc. Well, there is a new idol for these people in Cicero, Illinois. Her name is Michelle Chavez. She is a Democrat in the Illinois House of Representatives, after having won her election on Tuesday.

Ms. Chavez took a unique road to winning. She had no contributions to her campaign. Her campaign does not appear to have spent any money. She had no flyers. She had no yard signs. It does not appear that she ever appeared in public to campaign. She did not respond to newspaper inquiries about her candidacy. In fact, the Democratic leadership in the House doesn't know her, or how to contact her.

And yet she got 53% of the vote. The man she beat, the former incumbant, indicated that she won using coattails from Kerry/Obama, and by grassroots efforts. I can only imagine what constituted "grassroots" in that campaign.


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