Monday, November 01, 2004


The New York Times pointed out yesterday that the time span from 9/11 to election day is only three months shorter than the time span from Pearl Harbor to VE Day. Of course, VJ Day was less than six months after that. That floored me. Anyone feel like we're three months from having really done anything to defeat the terrorists? How about none months away?

I understand that there is a very crucial, very fundamental difference between World War II and the War on Terror. In fact, back when the Presdient referred to 9/11 in comparison with Pearl Harbor I knew the analogy was flawed. The Germans, Japanese, and to a lesser extent the Italians, had the decency (that term being inherently relative in this context) to have countries and armies and battles. Still, all of the "Mission Accomplished" signs in the world are not going to convince me that we are anywhere close to VE or VJ Day in this war. We haven't even finished the job in Afghanistan, let alone rooting the terrorists out of countries we can't just invade.


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