Monday, November 01, 2004


Alan Keyes came to Illinois to run for United States Senate. He is currently about 51 points behind Obama in the polls, which is what political pundits call an ass kicking. I'm not sure he'ss come that close to Obama. Keyes is a carpetbagger from Maryland, and a nut to boot. However, he doesn't want the Illinois GOP to feel like he was just using them. That's why he now says that after the election, he's going to stay in Illinois to help rebuild the state GOP.

Illinois Republicans are reeling. The last governor, who was a Republican, is going to jail. With the excpetion of the extraordinarily moderate Judy Barr Topinka, every state constitutional office is held by Democrats, the largest city in the state is run by a Democrat, and we are about to replace a Republican Senator with a Democrat. Now crazy-assed Keyes is threatening to stay after he loses an election by 50+ points? That, as they say, has GOT to hurt.


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