Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I will never forget the line from a TV movie where the woman yells "a dingo stole my baby!" I always thought it was a strange line. As if dingos just went around stealing babies. Well, apparently they do. The BBC reports that a dingo entered a room on Fraser Island and menaced a three month old baby, until her five year old sister scared it away. Crazy.

In any case, the BBC did some interesting reporting. For instance, at root, this story is thus: a dog wandered into a hotel room and was scared away without harming anyone. However, the BBC let us know that "the Corke family moved from Britain to Brisbane three years ago, for the sunshine and a more relaxed lifestyle." Further, Mrs. Corke thinks "we share this planet with animals and I think this is really an unfortunate circumstance. What would be a wiser precaution to take on the part of all of us on the island is that they could at least put more explicit signs that these animals have become so bold that they're willing to come into a room."

So, they are beach bums and they didn't realize that a dog might wander into an open hotel room. Great story.


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