Saturday, November 06, 2004


Tomorrow I have to fly out of Midway Airport. I have to do it at a time when L will be singing in choir. I return to O'Hare Airport, so I don't want to park at Midway. I was going to take a cab, but decided I will take the el. Much smarter, and much cheaper.

I live 0.1 miles from the Brown line train. I will tell you how I know this in a minute. I take the Brown line probably four or five times a week. I know where it goes. I do not take the Orange line. It mirrors the Brown, but goes south to Midway. I was not sure where I could transfer from the Brown to the Orange in the Loop. I got on the CTA web page and see that I can do it at a number of places. Good. Things are looking up.

I next decide to give their trip planner a whirl, just for yucks. This takes me to the RTA page. Bad sign. The RTA is the clownish bureaucracy that sits over the CTA and dedicates itself to bus service in the car-addicted suburbs. Pretty useless. In any case, I put my address and destination into the trip planner. It helpfully points out that I am 0.1 miles from Leland and Western, and advises me in THREE DIFFERENT, ALTERNATE itineraries to take the Western bus south for over an hour until it intersects with the Orange line. Not one itinerary takes note of the 100 year old el line AT THAT INTERSECTION!!!

RTA, stoopidest answer ever.


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