Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have been preoccupied lately and have not blogged. My bad. I blame Facebook in part, and the Boy in part.

First Facebook. I have not been on Facebook all that long, but I have to admit that it is much better than I expected. I find the burden of having a relatively paltry 90 or so friends to be minimal. On the other hand, I have communicated with people much more than I did in the past. This is especially true of some of my younger cousins, and people I knew in high school. So, I am blogging less, but communicating more. Interesting.

The Boy. Oh the Boy. Today he deuced in the potty for the first time. It wasn't quite this, but it was cool. He's not yet two, so we are not "training" him so much as we have a potty available, we explained what it's for, and we let him sit in there with us. Frankly, I could do an entire post about someone wanting to spend time in a room with me while I drop the kids off at the pool, but that may be a different post. Anyway, at the same time the Boy has had a massive explosion in his language abilities. Today he said "go up, Daddy." And it made sense in context! I can barely keep up with all of his new tricks. Oh, and he LOVES talking to people on Skype. What the hell?

And finally, a tip. If you live in the Chi, you don't get to hear The Splended Table on NPR. That is too bad. The show is oh so ripe for parody, but it is also a very good, very informative show. You will never need to know everything they talk about, but you will learn something in every episode. Check out the podcast.


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