Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I like history. I tend to read lots of World War II history, and European World War II history to boot. Like so many people interested in this area, I am fascinated by the Nazis.

Finding the Nazis interesting can be annoying for people who do not share the interest. I mean, what else is there to be said? They were crazy, they murdered eleven million people (not counting war dead), and had a flare for uniforms and showmanship. Thankfully they lost the war, and that's all there is to say.

You would think that would be true only if you did not watch the History Channel. Last week I watched a show about the Nazis and the occult. It was pretty good and interesting, until it got amazing. Are you ready for this?

Apparently Himmler believed that if an Aryan baby was conceived in a Nordic cemetery the Nordic heroes' souls would be reborn in the Aryan babies. Therefore, Himmler had an approved list of cemeteries for Aryan conception. Wha?!? Can that possibly be true? Did people really follow orders, or even mere suggestions from people like Himmler?

"Hey baby, I'm in the SS, and you are awfully blond. Wanna duck into the cemetery and make a hero?"


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