Sunday, January 15, 2006


The New York Times today did a little story about Richard Ohms. Ohms lives in Edwardsville, Illinois, which is near St. Louis. Ohms is a self-described Illini Guy. He is 49 and single. He was the mascot for Edwardsville High. He graduated from Illinois in 1977.

Illini Guy watches all of the Illini football and basketball games. For years he drove from Edwardsville to Champaign for every Illini home football game. He watches the games with the phone off the hook. He does not answer his door during the games. I suspect that this is not a huge issue, frankly. Apparently he wishes to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in the area where he tailgated. He says that when the Illini win, he is so excited that he can't sleep. The Illini were 37-2 last year in basketball. Probably a tired year for him.

I am positive that there are men like Richard Ohms who root for Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, and a number of other big, Midwestern states. Why, oh why did they find a fellow Illini?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I want to know is, where did he get the doorbell???

8:22 PM  

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