Monday, July 04, 2005


L and I had a nice holiday weekend. We bought a grill and grilled out Sunday and Monday. Very traditional of us, I think. However, the interesting thing was tonight's fireworks show(s). See, we live in a pretty dense neighborhood. There is a gap of about three feet between each residential structure, and most of them are two family structures, with a few bigger buildings, and a few single-family homes. Lots of people in close quarters.

Naturally in that environment, there are at least two people per block who have fireworks displays starting (though not ending) in their back yards or alleys that rival the fireworks shows medium-sized cities put on. I mean, serious fireworks. I mean, one-and-a-half hour performances. I mean, hard-core-two-trips-to-Indiana-to-fill-the-trunk-good-God-don't-let-us-get-rear-ended performances. In the space of a city block. Two of them.

It is sort of fun to watch the first hour, but then the fumes start to get to you, and you start wondering how many Old Styles the clowns shooting these things off have had. Then you start to realize that they are taking zero responsibility for whatever they burn down. Then it gets old.

All of which adds up to happy birthday, United States.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched fireworks with a four year old. Do you know what happens between every explosion of fireworks when a four year old is present? He (or she, I guess, my sample is limited) asks "What will the next one look like?" Every time, the correct answer is "purple."

4:56 PM  

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